Something about saving money...

Kilka wpisów uczniów ze szkoły w Korczynie na temat oszczędzania. Miłego czytania :-)

Hey everyone!

Today we want to write about saving money. It's really important for us if we want to buy things which we dream about. We shouldn't buy something that we don't need. We can save money on a bike or an interesting book instead of buying needless things! 

Bye for now,

Joanna F., Emilia G., Ola K., Kacper Z.


Hi guys!

We can save money on a bike or a computer instead of sweets or useless things.


Olka Zych, Adrian, Paweł


Hello guys!

Today we have a lot of energy. We want to tell you about saving money.

The first step - not to buy things you don't need. Buy only necessary things.

The second step - if you must buy something, buy it used (on condition that it isn't food).

The third step - make a new account on SKO and vote on our blog!!!

The fourth step - buy food on sale.

Best wishes,

Kamil, Julia, Klaudia, Dominik, Marcin

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